Saturday, July 01, 2006

Been gone too long ...

It's been far too long. So much has been going on that I have nothing to say!

Summertime ... when I cool the outdoors with my air conditioning flowing out the open doors at either end of my house as little boys run in and out and perpetually forget to close the darn doors. When my boys change their clothes from wet to bathing suits to regular to dry again more often then teenage girls finding the right outfit to suit their mood. When I'm forced to admire stinky, yucky, scary, ugly spiders and insects and allow them to live in various and sundry containers all over my back patio.

Summertime ... when my little boys grow right before my eyes and prepare for the world before them. When my heart aches for the babies they once were. When I look forward to the men they will be, too soon for my pleasure.

Summertime ... when time seems endless and yet there's never enough of it. When time is both fleeting and ponderous.

Summertime ... when memories are made in a moment and cherished forever while life zooms by.

~ ali