Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Just Do It

So sometimes I listen to Dr. Laura's radio program. She's fond of saying to wishy-washy listeners that they shouldn't just TRY, they should DO. I've heard her say it many times but it hasn't registered any real meaning to me until recently.

A friend of mine attends the same exercise class as I do. In fact, she joined because I brought her along with me to a class. That was oh, about four years ago, and since that time I've been on again and off again while she has worked super hard and even recently became an instructor. She's awesome!! A week ago she asked me if I was coming to class the next day. I said "Yep, I'm going to TRY." Then I realized something. A little A-Ha moment, if you will.

I need to say YES I WILL and then DO IT, rather then saying "I'll try". Saying "I'll try" gives me an out. It's not a committment. I'm saying only that it's in the realm of possibility but not a definite, maybe not even a probability.

If I made a doctor's appointment, I wouldn't say "ok, ten o'clock? I'll TRY." You say you'll be there. If something is important to me, to you, we should say, YES WE WILL.

So the New Year was fast approaching and I've made basically one personally profound resolution: If it's important to me, I will not only TRY, I will DO. Exercise: Don't try, DO. Writing: DO.

That's basically it. No long list for me this year filled with ephemeral promises to myself. Only a couple basic promises and one over-reaching personal committment, to DO, not just to try.

Now I understand why Dr. Laura stresses this idea so much, why it is so elemental to a person adopting real change in their lives. We cannot simply try, because it's a self-defeating statement in and of itself. In just trying, we're allowing ourselves room to fail. However, how much more likely are we to succeed if we go into it with an attitude of DOING; such an attitude demands that we succeed and expects the best of ourselves.

Here's to a prosperous and joyful 2007!