Sunday, December 17, 2006

Time to write again ...

Hello :)

It's been so long, I had begun to figure I'd never come back. But a friend said "write some more!" and truth is, I need to write so ... here I am!

I'm writing here but I think it's to avoid doing the real writing that I need/want to be doing. I'm telling myself it's because this isn't my own laptop, and I'd be doing a lot more/better writing if I had my own laptop. rofl :)

So wanna know what I've been writing these days? I have my first picture book stalling in my computer while I "write" cover letters for it's circulation. I've got another picture book that's ready to go as soon as the first one is out and about. I've got a full on fantasy novel written that needs some TLC. I've got so many other story lines waiting in the wings, but I never take the time WRITE.

Why is that? On many of my Christmas cards this year I wrote, in summing up "me" as an update, I wrote "I busy doing lots of things that I have to do and not enough of what I WANT to do ... I need to change that!". My hubby works hard so that I can stay home with my boys who are in school all day long. So I'm "free" he tells me, to write ... yet what is it I'm spending my days doing? Certainly NOT what I love. NOT writing.

David tells me that I need to plan my day as if I'm a full time writer, just like full time REAL working moms do. Leave the housework, the chores, the errands and such for after work. So why am I telling you? Why am I psuedo-writing here, instead of for-real writing the stuff I need/want to be writing?

Why, indeed???!!!

So, thanks Kristi ... maybe this is the kick in the pants I needed to get my back to writing. If there are any of you out there with a dream sitting in the drawer, or wherever you keep it hiding, time to get it out, dust it off and see what you can make of it, okay? You and me both, we can work on our dreams together.

Tell me what your dream is and what you're going to do about it. We can cheer each other along!