Thursday, June 28, 2007

Dog Heaven

Boys and girls, we have doggy!

This week we had the distinct pleasure of adopting a little dog who we've named Jack. He won't be a little dog for long, but for now, we can enjoy his compact little self.

I've been looking for a dog for a long time, but my husband has such specific doggy-requests that he's impossible to please (probably the point). But the opportunity to adopt Jack came with just the right incentives, just the right 'potential' that I jumped at it. When it came time to meet the pup, my husband couldn't go. I had to clarify;

"You know that if I go down this path, I'm coming home with a puppy, right?"

"Sunny, I knew we'd passed the point of no return about twenty Humane Society page views ago!"

He gave me a few more things to look for and sent me on my way. Guess what? I saw all those things and yup, came home with a puppy.

Lucky for me, my husband took one look at him and fell in love. I did good!!

We had our first hard day with Jack today. Four days, and all's been well - almost too well. Today, there were lots of battles of wills between Jack and my two boys. One, when Jack got the best of Xander and left bite marks on his hands. I found Xan crying his eyes out, cornered by a bouncing playful 10 week old puppy. *sigh* Just litter mates trying to fight their way to the top of the pile.

So Jack can't be at the top of the pile, that's true, but with work, he'll eventually win the prize of our hearts and hopefully he'll feel like a million bucks.

We all want to be happy in our families. We want to know what our place is, where we belong in the scheme of things. Who's loved more than the others. But the truth is, we're all a lot more like this little pup then we realize. We hunger for love. We want to be good. But we need calm assertive guidance to reach our goals for happiness. If we're lucky, we'll have someone to provide that calm assertive leadership and we'll grow to be the best people we could possibly be.
Not too different from little Jack, eh?