Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbor's Blog Award

I admit it, there's a blog award that I really, really want. And I was super disappointed when I didn't get it. Pretty sad, eh? I just thought ... well, the award is for people who are 'keepin' it real' on their blogs and I thought I did that pretty well. Shoot. Darn. Errr

Not that I'm sorry the worthy people who got it, well, got it. 'Cause they're totally real. And I love their blogs. And it's all cool. It's just that, dang, I want that award!

But, I did have a moment of shame when I realized that I hadn't, in fact, been entirely honest.

I started up that new blog Food Fights and Binges Bite, and I told you not to come. I hid my identity on that other blog because I was ashamed of what I was saying about myself. I didn't want to be REAL. 

So, I'm comin' clean. I am who I am. I created that other blog because I didn't want to keep dragging you guys on my weight loss/weight gain roller coaster, and because there were darker feelings lurking there that are pretty heavy for the average reader. When I write that stuff, my deepest feelings, fears and stuff, there should be a "Read at your own risk" warning. 

You can go there, you can read about my food fights and my binges, but I wanted to spare you the really ugly bits. 

There, I came clean. I'm keepin' it REAL. Maybe now I'll get that darn award.