Saturday, March 15, 2008


We spent the afternoon, visiting with David's mom. She had her daughter Dianna call us this morning to let us know that Mom needed us to come by to say our goodbyes. She is walking in the narrow strip of land where the veil normally resides, partly in this world, partly in the other world. She is finding it harder and harder to come back to us, the pull from the other side is getting harder to resist. It's time.

Xander had a karate tournament this afternoon, which he did very well at. He won both his events! He was proud to show Grandma his medals, and she told him what a special boy he is - not just at karate, but at life. She told him she knows he's a good boy, and she's so proud of him.

I am proud of both my boys. Going to see a sick and dying old woman in a tiny house where you can't make a lot of noise and there's nothing really fun to do, can't be a whole lot of fun. I know I never really enjoyed that sort of thing. But my guys both say "Yes!" when we tell them we're going to see Grandma. Last night Charlie said he wished he could give his life for Grandma, so she could live. What a big heart that boy has.

Today they hugged their Grandma, and listened to her words of advice. She told them about death and what it would mean. She told them she was going to be with her mom and dad, and how happy that made her. One day, she said, we would all be together again. She encouraged them to make good choices so that she could see them again one day. She especially gave her attention to Charlie, who stood for several long moments while Grandma spoke to him and she stroked his face. Sweet boy cried when he said goodbye to his Grandma.

We had planned to leave the boys with friends tomorrow while we spend the day with the family, but Mom requested that we bring the boys with us. I was surprised by that, but she was insistent. I think we had our goodbyes today, we'll go tomorrow to be a family, to be united in showing our love and support of our Mother, Mother-in-Law, our Grandma. Should Mom leave us tomorrow, I hope she can go with a house full of family, hearing the laughter, the joy in love shared.