Monday, August 25, 2008

Farworld Has a Winner!!!

I had four brave souls enter to win an autographed ARC of J. Scott Savage's awesome new book Farworld: Water Keep.

In response to what the wizard meant when he spoke about how every person is magic, they wrote:

He's talking about the ability we all have to make changes in our lives, to do the things we want. If we sit back and do nothing then the magic does not happen but if we put our minds to it, we all have magic in us, we can change things around us. ~ Kari

* * *

In my current state of mind, his words are a soothing balm telling me that I do have the power within myself to accomplish what I need to. I may be overwhelmed, but he is telling me that even when I don't know it, the I can find the resources I need within myself to succeed. ~ Anne

* * *

What Master Therapass words mean to me is that we all have potential. He told Kyja that the real power lies in who you are, what you do and what you may become. It’s all about how we take possibilities and make things happen in our own lives. Whether we believe we have magic in us or not, what we do with the circumstances that are placed before us will determine whether our lives are magical or not. ~ Cathy

* * *

His words mean to me that magic isn't what everyone may think it is. Magic is different for every person. The words tell me that I may not be able to do magic like everyone else but I have my own special magic inside of me. That even though I am different, I have special things in store for me too. I would look at magic differently. I would look harder at others and see their own unique magic. I would see myself as some one that has a certain destiny set out for me. I wouldn't view myself as totally different from everyone else any more. I would see myself as someone that could accomplish something with out special magic just as well as someone who has magic. ~ Laurel
I found these hard to judge because they all, in my opinion are totally correct. In the end though I had to settle on just one winner (though you are all winners to me!) and so I picked ... - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more

Her answer was short and succinct and summed up exactly what the wizards words mean to me, too.

We do have the power to change the world, by utilizing the power within us. It may not 'seem' like magic - at least not the magic of fairy tales, but it is magic nonetheless, because it has power, it is unseen, and it can move mountains - even if those mountains are simply ourselves.

Congratulations Kari! And thank you Cathy, Anne and Laurel for reading my blog and entering my contest!

Thanks especially to Scott for offering up a book to our lucky winner. Even if you didn't win, please stop by your local book store in September and pick up your own copy of Farworld: Water Keep ... or, easier still, simply click here.

Kari, shoot me an email and let me know who you would like the book autographed to and remind me of your address. ali at aworkofheartphotography dot com.