Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Touch of Human Kindness

I wonder, where has the smile gone?

The "hi, how ya doin'?" 

The tip of the hat, the nod of the chin, the friendly hand shake?

Today the family and I went for a walk around a lake. It was lovely, the lake smooth like glass, the sky clear like aquamarine, just perfect. The lake is surrounded by a boardwalk, and it was busy with families enjoying the day.

I smiled at everyone we passed. Is that so strange?

If not, why then, did no one smile back? Well, to be fair, one lady did smile at me. 

But why only one of the dozens I passed? What has come of us, that we can't look outside of ourselves for a moment to brighten another's day? 

This is a trend that I have been noticing more and more of lately. I feel that I am alone when I'm out among others--they don't see me, and I'm not supposed to see them. Except, I am a human among humans and I like to feel like I'm a part of something. 

Tell me, where have the smiles gone? Where has that touch of human kindness gone that makes us so special?