Friday, December 30, 2005

The Stone Heart ~ a poem for Sam

Once there was a boy
of shining eyes and hair like the golden sun.
A treasure, a gift
he came endowed as one who has joy to bring.

But he was cut down
forced down, hewn down, down, down, down to the ground.

He couldn't look up
he could look down, and named himself there.

His eyes not shining, dead as a bone,
His heart not joyful, his heart turned to stone.

Then came on to lift him,
raise him high in the sky full of light.
A treasture, a gift
love came to renew the joyful spirit.

But it cut him down
forced down to the stoney heart within

He couldn't rise up
he could only lay low, low down, down on the ground.

And there his dead eyes found himself in the dust,
And with joy he raised it high ...
a heart made of stone his only reply.