Saturday, February 16, 2008

Connections, Inspiration and the Blessings of God.

Four years ago, David had been unemployed for about eleven months. In March of that year he had interviewed at a company called Northrup Grumman, a defense contractor. He hadn't heard back from them for a few weeks, so we figured he hadn't gotten the job, he hadn't been very well qualified for the job anyway. Then, a couple weeks later, when we had officially exhausted all our money and all our options, Northrup Grumman called. They had liked David so much that they had created a new job just for him. It was a real blessing. Heavenly Father knew our needs, knew our limits, and He blessed us.

The contract with Northrup Grumman lasted for about a year and during that time David had the opportunity to make some choices about how he would conduct himself. Time and again the Spirit whispered to him and he listened; going the extra mile to help another, taking the time to befriend someone who at first seemed unfriendly and unwelcoming, putting aside his own pride to back someone else's good idea instead of his own inferior one.

Now, four years later David is out of work again. Northrup Grumman called and wanted to interview David for a position they have open. Many of the people interviewing him were people David worked with on the previous project. This project sounded exciting and desirable to David, but he pretty much blew the interview. But, though he didn't do well, he continued to feel good about the job. So did I.

The next day I texted David from work and David told me that Northrup had called and asked for his references. In that moment, I knew David had the job. An hour later I couldn't contain myself, I was so excited. I texted David again saying "I'm so excited and jazzed! I think you got the job!" David wrote back, "You're so funny. I love you!" And then I knew I was totally right.

But, he insisted there was nothing to tell. I spent the rest of the afternoon feeling depressed because I couldn't reconcile the feelings of peace and happiness I was feeling and the "no news" David was telling me. I even called him at one point and asked if he really hadn't heard from the place, because I was sure he had. He insisted there was nothing to tell.

When I got home, the boys greeted with me with big smiles saying "We're going on errands!" and they all hussled me right back out the door. David said we were going to rent a movie and pick up a pizza, and that he had promised the boys we'd pick up some snacks at the grocery store. I can't express how sure I was that they were going to tell me he got the job! But still, nothing. No one said anything. Argh.

But ... the errands turned out to be pizza and a movie all right just at the actual movie theater because - guess what? - David got the job!

Bunch of stinkers leading me on all day. I couldn't believe how well the boys pulled it off, too! They're turning into some mighty fine liars!

So, the people David were kind to and made friends with four years ago at Northrup, were able to see past his missteps during the interview and offer him a job. I am so grateful that David is the kind of man he is, that he doesn't burn bridges wherever he goes, but rather is a bridge builder. He lifts people up, helps them to be their best, and in turn does his very best in all he does. I am so proud of him and very grateful for him.

The down side to this new job is that he will be working as an independent contractor, which means less money and no benefits. Guess it's a good thing I listened to the Spirit a few weeks ago when He told me I should pursue a job at Harland Clarke! We will need the extra income and the benefits I will receive from working there. He also won't get paid for oh, upwards of two months! Two months! Oy. Kind of stinks, eh?

But the pros seriously outweigh the cons. David will be given a top secret clearance and he'll be working on some amazing things that will be awesome for his career. I can't really talk about it because there are too many of you out there and I couldn't very well hunt you down and kill you, could I? *U* Like I said, I'm very proud of David.

I am fascinated with all the connections in this story. The six degrees of separation and all that. Fascinated and grateful for the whisperings of the Spirit. Thankful for Heavenly Father's love and concern. He cares enough to send those whisperings that we might follow the right path, make the right choices, that will allow Him to bless us.