Sunday, February 24, 2008

Creative Types

At my new job, I've met a kindred spirit!

Her name is Shauna and she is a writer. Not just a "some day I'd like to write a book" writer, but a true blue already-has-200-pages-written writer! We get talking and time flies. I have loved meeting her - and she me, I think - because we are encouraging one another to write and it's cool to talk about what fun we had writing the night before.

There's also a boy there, Anthony, who is a drama guy. The three of us can just go on and on about all our 'things' and I'm certain there's a 'type' out there for us creative people.

Creative people are flibbertigibbets to an extent, but not in a negative sense. We have our fingers and toes dipped into numerous creative streams, all at the same time. The creative types I've met are not only writers (singers, actors, artists) but also some other sort of creative expression.

Creative types see the world a little different than other types. They are all about how the normal can be expressed in a different way - their way. Life isn't just to be lived, it's to be chewed for 100 bites, savored and still swallowed hole.

I love being around creative types because they inspire me to fulfill the nagging artist inside me who wants to get out and C-R-E-A-T-E!!!

I'm super grateful that even though I have to be out at work every day, I have had the chance to meet other creative types and am being encouraged to not hide my little light under a bushel. YAY for creative types and new friends!