Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Tag of Eights

It's been a long while since I've played a game of tag so when Shawntele tagged me, I was game (hardee har har.)

Here be Da Rules:
1. Mention the person who tagged you.
2. Complete the list of 8's.
3. Tag 8 other bloggers.
4. Tell them they have been tagged.

Eight Things I Look Forward To:
  1. Getting my first book deal.
  2. Losing the extra weight I'm carrying around.
  3. Getting fit and being healthy.
  4. Karen's photo shoot on Thursday.
  5. San Diego with the family in June.
  6. Seeing my sister again.
  7. Finishing up Jump Boys and getting it into Shadow Mountain's hands.
  8. Being a working, successful published author. :D
Eight Things I Did Yesterday
  1. Slept in.
  2. Had lunch with the fam at Red Robin.
  3. Took the boys to see Star Trek and loved it--again!
  4. Got rejected by a publisher.
  5. Cried my eyes out.
  6. Talked with friends.
  7. Got hugged and held by my sweet honey.
  8. Read a lot.
Eight Things I Wish I Could Do
  1. Jump on a plane and visit my sister right now.
  2. Deal better with Charlie on his 'off' days.
  3. Be more consistent in going to karate.
  4. Be a faster reader.
  5. Be a more creative homeschooling mom.
  6. Sing in an opera production again.
  7. Make a CD.
  8. Be published, lol.
Eight Shows I Watch
  1. Smallville
  2. Medium
  3. Dollhouse
  4. CSI
  5. Eureka
  6. So You Think You Can Dance
  7. America's Funniest Home Videos
  8. Chuck
Eight Friends I Am Tagging:
  1. Karen
  2. Shanna
  3. Christine
  4. Stephanie
  5. Jeri
  6. Kristi
  7. Jennifer
  8. Nichole
And there you have it! Crazy Eights, lol.

As you can tell, I'm back ... sort of. No promises, but I'm slowly starting to feel like myself again.

Don't be a stranger :) And if you haven't done it already, I'd love it if you became a follower. I'm a writer--I need constant reminders that I am loved ;)