Thursday, February 23, 2006

Ode To An Ant

‘Twas a time when in a surly pant
I did see a cursed, vile ant

I would step and crush and grind to soot
The tiny body beneath my foot

But alas how time does change
For which my brother will surely hang

For as a gift my fair son did get
A farm of ants to keep as a pets

From that time on they did be
A member of our family

Where once I would shun and sweep away
These ants were surely meant to stay

Where once I would poison and gleefully kill
Now I must water and feed and still

I cannot say I liked the things
Creepy, crawly, and these ones sting

Until today, oh joy, oh bliss!
I would happily, happily blow them a kiss

As they cross the bridge from this life to death
The ants have thankfully sighed their last breath

I did not kill them, least not that I’ll say
Though I’m sure I did not stand in their way

I did nothing to save them, of that I’m at fault
Still I’ll throw them away and I will not balk

My young child just shrugged, I’m happy to say

There was no love lost on this un-tragic day.