Monday, January 19, 2009

Just a General Update :)

It's been a long time since I've posted about just regular ol' life stuff, so I thought I'd bore you with the trivial details of my life, because, of course, I know you're dying to know what's going on with me. Right? Yeah, you know you want it.

So, David just left for a long trip to Worcester, MA. That's pronounced "Whoost-ah" for all you non-Massacheutians (or whatever it is they call themselves.)

Our roof needs to be replaced.

Charlie is loving karate for the first time ever and it is just so dang cool! I believed that if we stuck with it and didn't let him quit, that he'd find his stride and come to like it but ... maybe I didn't believe enough, because I've still been pleasantly surprised and happy at the result!

Xan is loving karate, as usual, and was invited to try out for, and was accepted into, the schools' demonstration team. It means a lot more time at the studio, but it's all good. I'm super proud of him.

And I haven't missed a single karate class of my own since the beginning of the year! Huzzah! I rock. 

However, I have hardly been writing at all. I've been feeling ambivalent about my writing and doubting my abilities, my stories ... everything. For the first time in two years I don't have anything immediately ready for submission to the LDStorymaker's first chapter contest. I won for YA last year and the year before I placed second. This year? I might not even have the chance to 'place' at all since I might not even enter! I can't let that happen. I've GOT to get writing again.

I've just been so full of self-doubt and second-guessing and stuff. It's yucky.

I'm still homeschooling the boys and it's going really super great! And yes, I'm rather amazed that I am saying that and that it's TRUE! I even said the words out loud to my husband this week "I think I'll homeschool them again next year." I held my breath after I said it, waiting to feel that feeling that tells me no, that's the wrong decision, but ... I didn't. Instead the words rang with truth and rightness. My husband just bobbed his head and said that he just assumed I would.

Because really, it's going that well.

Charlie is a completely changed boy. Xander is reading and learning at the speed of light. The love and feeling of solidarity in our home has grown ten-fold, nay, a hundred fold. Huzzah!

And even though David has to travel a lot (about two weeks out of every month, it seems) he really loves his job and the people he works with and for. That is gold, right there. We're all looking forward to reconnecting tonight, and every night while he's away, on our online game Wizard 101. Xan said when we play together it's like Daddy isn't far away at all, and that is a really neat thing.

And there you have it ... a wee little update from my home to yours. Have a great day!