Thursday, January 08, 2009

Thoughtful Thursday ~ Find Yourself

Sometime in November I was listening to the Glenn Beck show when he spoke on several things we should do to personally be prepared for what is to come. Not so much as physically prepared as spiritually, personally, prepared.

I want to talk about his suggestions, but will probably do so a little at a time because I don't have a lot of time to devote to writing my blog and, if you're anything like me, I prefer shorter posts to longer ones because I often don't have much time to READ blogs, either :)

Glenn said that we need to find ourselves. He said, 

"Who are you really? What do you believe? Have you been pushed and challenged? Do you know where you stand? Can you support it with real facts?"

I am honestly not sure if I can answer those questions suscinctly. If someone asked me, I'm sure I would humm and haw until all interest in my answer had passed. So let's see if I can tighten it up, and figure out my answers for myself.

I would like to challenge you to answer these questions, as they come, on your own blog, and/or in my comment trail.

Who am I?

I am a  Daughter of God. Knowing that shapes everything else I am. I am a Wife, a Mother, a Friend. I am a person who believes the best in others, but rarely of myself. Conversely, I believe in my ability to do what needs to be done, or to be successful at new things I try, and yet somehow I feel that I am an impostor

I believe that through strengthening the line of communication between myself and my Father in Heaven, I can come to live, and be, as a Daughter of God all the time, so that I can answer, without qualification, that I AM my Father's Daughter.

What do I believe?

I believe that we are all created equal bey a loving Father in Heaven who watches over us and wishes the best for us. I believe He loves me, that He loves you.

Have I been pushed and challenged?

Yes, I believe I have. From an abusive childhood, a long fall from grace as a young adult and a long climb back to forgiveness and redemption, to the loss of babies, to probably my greatest challenge of all - my experience raising Sam and my consequent decision to find him another home in which to live.

I have been challenged.

Do I know where I stand?

I believe I do, but I think I need to work on strengthening my position. I stand for Truth and Righteousness. If I feel that neither of those virtues are being served, I will stand and fight for them - I think. 

I'm not sure how I can strengthen my position on where I stand. Wait, I do. I will bear my testimony at every opportunity - every time I do that, I will strengthen my position and become even more firm in my beliefs and in my position.

Can I support my position with real facts?

In addition to bearing my testimony, which builds my inner strength, I must read, listen and research to build my knowledge and again, to strengthen my position. The scriptures, words of the prophets and the words of contemporary reporters who I feel I can trust, I will build and strengthen my position with facts and truth.

There is so much for me to do, so many ways yet that I can grow. I am grateful for the opportunity I have in this life to do just that. I won't take it for granted.

So how about you? Who are you?
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