Sunday, June 28, 2009

Reduce & Simplify

Yesterday a friend asked me why I have two blogs.

You and I have had this discussion before; you might remember we talked about Cross Blogination. I thought, at that time, that I ought to keep both my blogs going because I didn't want to snub the followers I had on this blog. However, it is a bit complicating.

So, I've decided that I ought to stick with one blog.

It pains me to say it, but I really do need to stick with one blog, and in this case, I'm going to make my alicross blog the one I stick with. I'm not going to altogether delete this blog, but I am going to make a go at just one blog and see how I do with that.

Long story short . . . if you're crazy enough (or love me enough, which I might argue are the same thing) to follow me over there, come on over and, if you don't mind, become a follower there.

Thanks so much for reading my blog and being my friends!