Friday, May 16, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Yeah, I know. It's no longer Mother's Day. But it's the week of, right? Surely it's not too late to post about my day.

Thing is, it was kind of bittersweet. We went to the cemetary to see Mom's grave. We hadn't been back since the funeral, so we hadn't seen the stone. We spent a good long while wandering aimlessly around the portion of the grounds that we thought her grave was. It was very disheartening and upsetting when we could not find it. Finally we called a brother of David's and were directed to the right spot. I guess our memories from that day were a little skewed.

So David was feeling a little sad. And Mother's Day is always a day when I think a lot about my own mom too. I usually try to do something nice for her - plant a lilac bush or something - but I didn't do anything this year. I found most of my thoughts going to Laura, David's mom.

But it wasn't all bittersweet. Some of it was just plain ... sweet.

For days before the holiday, my boys have been excitedly telling me they couldn't wait to give me their presents. They had made something at school that for the first time in their little lives they were really proud of.

They came to get me in the morning, hugs and snuggles galore, to wish me Happy Mother's Day. They brought their presents to me - they couldn't wait till breakfast or anything. Their teacher had provided 8x10 frames in which the boys put signs that tell why they love me. What the signs say is sweet, but it was the light shining in my boys' eyes that was most the rewarding.

David gave me a gift too, which is lovely, but mostly it was all the love showered upon me that made the day so special.

I am so grateful to be a mom. It took us a long, long time to get there - but man, it was worth the wait. These guys I've been given are true gifts from God and I take my calling as their mother very seriously.

I love them. And, selfishly, it feels sooo good to be loved by them.

Xan has taken it upon himself to be our decorator for all family events.
For Mother's Day, Father's Day, Halloween and Christmas
he puts up signs to celebrate.
I usually leave them up for a while because I love to see them!