Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Weekly Health Report

You didn't ask for it, but here it is anyway. So, I didn't do well this week. Working out, that is. It rained, I had lots of appointments, a sick child--just lots of things that got in the way of me doing what I ought to have been doing.

Also, David really got on me because I haven't been feeling well and he was convinced it was because I hadn't been watching my blood sugar. Some of you may remember or know that in the fall I was diagnosed with, umm--suddenly drawing a blank here--pre-diabetes but I can't remember the official name. I was told I needed to eat a la South Beach Diet style. At that time I went on the South Beach Diet and did really well. I stayed on it for almost an entire month before it all fell apart. I did great on Phase 1--my problem seemed to come when I tried to move in to Phase 2. Anyway, at David's insistence I've gone back to the Beach.

I started back on the Beach on Thursday and I'm already down a couple pounds! Almost three, actually. And I'm already feeling quite a bit better. I still need to exercise, I know, but at least I have some comfort in knowing that I am eating very well and properly for my body and that I'm not denying something I know to be true--not ignoring an important issue.

So, that's all, really. Down almost three whole pounds, no exercise, but eating better. Upward and onward, right?

As an aside, I have many blogs I need to write, so you may get an influx of new posts from me over the next day or two. I've been storing them up, but there hasn't been any time to post the last few days! So watch out!