Monday, June 23, 2008

Let Me Tell You a Little More About RapSheet ...

What is RapSheet? RapSheet is a dynamic visual interface that brings the web to you--wherever you are.

  • Use RapSheet on your desktop. You don’t need to open your browser, simply scroll through your sites and double click on the one you want to go to. RapSheet will take you right there.
  • Use RapSheet in replace of conventional bookmarks.
  • Use RapSheet on your blog or page. Your friends can go to your favorite sites in a flash.
  • Use RapSheet on a different computer. At your office? At a friends’ house? Not a problem.
  • Use RapSheet in replace of your current blogroll. You don’t have to wait for a boring linear RSS feed to be updated on your favorite blogs. You can update your Sheet anytime and RapSheet will tell you when a blog has changed. You go directly there, bypassing all the steps you previously had to take to find your friends newest blog entries.
  • Share your RapSheet with your friends. Got a great list of sites you want your friends to check out? Simply email them your sheet and they’ll get to enjoy it too!
Sound interesting? Sign up to be one of our few beta testers today and be the first to use this awesome new tool! Tell me you want to be a beta tester in the comment trail and you're in!