Thursday, June 26, 2008

Weekly Update ... Or Not!

So, have ya'll noticed that I haven't given a 'weekly update' in a couple weeks now? Hah, sneaky, eh?

Thing is, an update should be just that ... a bit of news that builds upon the last bit of news, right? So in honor of Webster's online dictionary which says to update is to, umm "bring up to date," (duh,) I am only going to give my update when there, ahh, something to update you on!

HA! How's that for a run-on sentence? *U*

See, I've been doing better, then doing worse, gaining a little, then losing a little, eating better, then not eating better, exercising, then not exercising. No real progress has been made. However, I have not entirely REgressed either, so I'm content.

I have not given up altogether, I'm just struggling to find what works for me. I'm working on it. I'll let you know, certainly, if I find it!