Saturday, June 21, 2008

Looking for Beta Testers for the Most Awesome Collective Networking Tool EVER!

Doesn't that look awesome?

If you had a RapSheet, you could have it sitting on your desktop - no more having to get on your browser and clicking on your favorites and digging for the site you want to visit!

No more waiting for a boring RSS feed to appear in your inbox!

You can share your RapSheets too! Isn't that cool? You email a friend a link to your RapSheet if, say, you've collected a bunch of great sites that you know your friend would like too.

We are currently looking for a handful of people to test our beta RapSheet, to use it lots and give us your honest opinions on how it can be improved - and how awesome it is, we need the positive feedback too! - before we go live to the whole world.

If you want in, just leave me a comment. I may not be able to take all of you, but you'll be the first to get a RapSheet when we go live!