Saturday, June 28, 2008

Parades, Push Ups and Promises

I don't really feel like talking about the parade. We went to one. Boys were in it. We watched. Talked to a guy who's starting his own business--making millions of dollars. We were jealous. What else is there to say?

But I wanted three P's in my title so it would be catchy and exciting so ... yeah. Parades.


Well, guess what? This is my 206th post! I thought maybe there was something you were supposed to do, like a blogger tradition when you made 200 posts (like there is when you hit 100) so I googled and went googlin' around to find out. I couldn't find anything. Except, I did find something else. Something altogether interesting.

Which leads me to invite you into the deep, dark dungeon of my rambling thoughts: I've decided to recommit (gasp!) myself to exercising. Except I really, really, really, need to do it this time. I was hoping to find a friend who would actually work out with me, but I couldn't. Sad. No one else is as lame as me. They all have routines already.

But I found this 100 Push Up Challenge and darn it, I'm gonna do it!

I had already decided that I would use my Gazelle Glider (which I got when I was working but have not ever really used) every day if I want to watch my soap. I have a nasty bad addiction and that is to Days of Our Lives. Yes, you had no idea it was true confessions time, did you? Well, there you have it. Laugh if you will.

Normally, I TiVo Days and watch it while I cook or whatever. But one time a long time ago when I was also a bit chunky, I found great success walking on a treadmill while watching my soap. I wasn't allowed to watch unless I was walking and I wanted to watch so ... you guessed it! I walked.

I thought maybe I'd try that again. But, I also wanted a bit of strength training in there too and voila! In pops the hundred push up challenge into my life. I think it's kismet, so I'm in.

So this is where the Promises come in. I Promise to glide (kind of like walking but without any pressure, kind of like an elliptical ... it's sort of weird) four-five days a week and to do the hundred push up challenge. The push up challenge is six weeks long, so I'll use that to gauge how I'm doing with the whole thing in general.

Now. I said I was hoping to have work out partner. I couldn't find any IRL. Do any of my internet friends want to join me? I'm going to start Monday. I sure hope I'm not alone!

Do whatever you like, but it would be cool if you at least did the push up challenge with me. That way we can have a tangible something to look at in six weeks time.

Who's with me? I said, WHO'S WITH ME!!!???