Sunday, February 22, 2009

Book Review ~ The Brass Dragon Codex

I am a huge fan of Anne McCaffrey and her Harper Hall Trilogy, so I've pretty much avoided all other dragon books--I mean, who could compete with her?

So that's my excuse why I haven't previously read any of R.D. Henham's Dragon books (The Dragon Codices.)

But, I had the opportunity to read The Brass Dragon Codex, and I now feel suitably repentant as to say, this was a darn good book and I will happily read the others and any new books Henham cooks up.

The Brass Dragon Codex tells the story of a lonely and talkative Brass Dragon who befriends a rather egocentric gnome. The unlikely pair turn out to be good for each other though and they both learn a lot from their friendship.

There is a subtle moral to the story: To have good friends, you must first BE a good friend.

My eight year old son snagged this book from me and finished it before I did. He said he loved it, and he's an astute reader. I believed him that it was good--but I have to add my hearty hurrah to his. The Brass Dragon Codex is a truly enjoyable book. It was a fast and friendly read, enjoyable for both me and my son.

If you love dragons as much as I do, love a good story with the thrill of adventure, then you'll love R.D. Henham's Brass Dragon Codex. 

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