Monday, February 02, 2009

I Love . . . My Husband

I am constantly amazed at the man who is my husband.

I am amazed that he is my husband. That he chose me, that he loves me, that he loves me still, despite everything. 

Sometimes when he says he loves me, I'll ask "Even though?" He always smiles, kisses me a little longer, a little deeper and replies, "Even though."

David is kind, generous, sympathetic and caring. He truly cares about other people and worries over their well being. He always assumes the best of people, including me.

David is tender, loving and romantic. On my birthdays he always comes up with a theme and spoils me rotten. Not only with gifts but with his time and attention. 

My man is quiet and unassuming, but he is the greatest friend to have on your side. The most tender sweetheart and attentive lover.