Friday, February 13, 2009

I Love . . . Laughter

I don't laugh nearly enough, but man, when I do? What a sight.

I like the kind of laughter that makes you have to cross your legs, and, like a sneeze, you can't keep your eyes open. Fluid leaks out of all sorts of places ;) You snort. You try to breathe, only to have another wave of laughter crash over you again.

The last time I really laughed like that was when my sister and I met in New York City for a four day vacation. We had never done anything like that before and with both of us being rather serious, neither of us knew what to expect. 

Who knew we'd barely want to leave our tiny dingy hotel room because the entertainment within it's walls was better than anything New York had to offer!

My husband can sometimes make me laugh like that. Well, not quite, but it'll do.

Last week I went into our bedroom to fold some laundry and found my hubby tucked under the sheets having a 'nap'. Uh huh.

The way he had the blankets pulled up to his neck made me suspicious, so I peeked under the covers. There I found a slinky lingerie and a note that said, 

"Slip this on and then snuggle up to me. Let's see what happens."

Well, I laughed. Laughed and laughed and laughed. 

But, really? How could I turn him down after that? Laughter is the finest form of foreplay, in my book.

My sister says that I regularly deny my true nature. She says I take after my mom who was silly at her best. And it's true, when I let my expectations go and allow myself to just BE, what I find is that I'm just as silly as my mom. 

I love to dance around and sing silly songs in my silliest voice.

I love to tickle. (But don't you dare tickle me!)

I love, love, love to laugh. 

In my opinion, laughter truly is the best medicine. The trick is to prescribe hearty doses for yourself each and every day. You can't take too much of this stuff.