Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thoughtful Thursday ~ Find Your Joy

What is it that truly brings you joy?

True joy is not found at the store, in a brand new wardrobe, in great sex, in limitless power. True joy comes in unlimited supply--where do you find yours?

Look to your family. If you open your heart to them, you will find they are a constant source of wonder, love, and yes, joy.

Look to service. If you open your heart to others and give of yourself, you will find your own heart filled to overflowing and you will have joy.

Know where you can turn for your unlimited supply of joy. Make sure that it is a true renewable resource, because in the days ahead you will need to be able to turn to that supply again and again in order to face what is to come in your life.

Remember, being joyful does not necessarily mean you are free from the cares of the world. Rather it is a sense of satisfaction that radiates through all you think and feel making everything more bearable. Joy can fill your heart, grant you peace, help you see the good in the world around you.

I find my joy in my children. Sometimes, just to let go of my inner inhibitions and laugh with them, laugh and laugh until we barely remember what we are laughing about--that's true joy for me. Or the hug that lasts over long and you have the sensation that it might be your last, because tomorrow this boy might no longer think it's cool to hug his mom. Or the moment you see your child stand up for the rights of another and you know they have been listening to you all along.

I find joy in my God. I screw up on a daily basis, some days worse than others. What a relief it is for me to fall onto my knees at the end of the day and know that not only does He know me better than I even know myself, He still loves me. With His help, I can right my wrongs, turn my weaknesses into strengths, and find joy where once there was sorrow.

I find joy in being true to myself. As I'm discovering more and more about myself, it is wonderful to know that I can finally--sometimes--accept me for me and simply, well, be. There is real peace and joy in that for me.

So look at your world, look at your heart. Where do you find joy?