Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thoughtful Thursday ~ A Love Letter To Myself

Those of you who FLY may have already seen this, but I thought it was worth sharing.

Here is an email I got from this week:

This week's Style Mission should you choose to accept it is: Showing
yourself some love!

How? By writing a "love" letter to yourself! Don't we all need a hug
every now and then - and who better to give it than YOU?

Make a list of what you love about yourself. Instead of beating yourself
up about your perceived imperfections- let's turn the tables and look
ourselves in mirror and write down the GOOD things!

Appreciate your curves, your nose, your natural hair color, your
forearms or even your delicate hands or fingernails. Doesn't matter what
you love just be sure to list them. Maybe others have commented on your
pretty eyes? Write that down too!

Of course our insides are pretty good (strong virtues, morals, kindness
to others, etc). However this exercise is to concentrate on your outer
parts and when done, will lead to an improved self-image.

Keep your "love letter" about your best parts in your "style file" to
refer to when you need a pat on the back!


Leslie MSP


Dear Sunny,

I'm writing you this letter because I think you are way hard on yourself and I just love you. I thought you ought to know.

I hear you say--way too often--how fat and ugly you are. How disgusted you are with yourself. How you've let yourself down.

Do you really not see how beautiful you are?

You are always smiling, and your smile reaches your eyes. I love how your eyes sparkle when you smile. Never mind those little wrinkles or crinkles that are showing up in the corners of your eyes--they don't make you look old, they make you look happy. And you are beautiful when you're happy.

I know you wish your body looked different. But you know? It's okay. You are still beautiful. Look at David, he still wants you. Why can you not want yourself? You're worth it, you know. Worth your own love. So many others offer it to you freely--we all just wish you could love yourself like we love you.

It doesn't really matter if you've got more fat on you than you ought to have. It doesn't change the things that are beautiful about you.

Your smile, your eyes, your hair which when you do it sleek and straight is silky soft and shines in the sun. 

You are a pretty girl, and your spirit is beautiful. When you let all that yucky stuff fall by the wayside, your spirit gets a chance to shine through and that's when you truly glow. 

I just wish you could let the happiness that lives inside of you shine more for others to see. If you did, no one would even notice the extra weight you're carrying--they'll only see a girl with a smile that reaches her eyes, a girl who's sincere and kind, and they will like you. 

I like you. Scratch that. I love you.

Won't you love yourself too?

Big hugs, 

So, if you were to write a love letter to yourself, looking at the physical things about you, as Miss Smarty Pants recommends, what would you say?