Monday, March 30, 2009

Work Those Muscles

The other day I took my sons to the optometrist. I was a little worried about Thing 2 because he's been complaining about his eyes being tired. Thing 1 was reminded that yes, indeed he needed to wear his glasses. Thing 2 however, was told that his eyesight was excellent.

When we enquired about why his eyes might be tired and the doc found out that Thing 2 reads a zillion hours every day, he said "Ahh, well . . ." 

Your eye muscles, as it turns out, are like any other muscles and tire after a good workout. However, they also get stronger from a good workout. Huh, who knew. I was still operating under the old wives' tale that too much reading would make your eyes go bad. :D

I've noticed that I have been reading a lot faster lately and it occurred to me that this too must be like a muscle that improves with use.

I don't know if that would be my eyes or my brain (probably the latter) but I have definitely noticed an improvement in the speed with which I am able to read. I've been reading about a book a week lately, whereas it used to be that I would have to give up my whole life for a few days in order to get a book read that quickly. 

This is super exciting to me because I LOVE to read, but in the past I've felt I "didn't have time" for it. Now, I know better. 

I can teach school, write, keep my house reasonably clean (ha!) and still enjoy a good book. Sweet!

Who knew that reading was a form of exercise--good for your eyes and your brain. Now you can 'work out' and feel that you're doing yourself a service. What's that you say? Thanks so much for telling you about this important new workout? You're welcome!