Saturday, August 18, 2007

Interactive Story Premise

Following is the premise for your story:


Joseph Carlisle was having an ordinary day. Work lay within sight yet frustratingly far away as he was stuck in yet another traffic jam. But this day was not going to be like any other, in fact this was the day that Joseph Carlisles' life would change forever.

When the first crash boomed, Joseph was startled out of deep thought just in time to comprehend that his face was about to plow through his windshield. Again and again the crashes came until there was deadly silence, followed by screaming and wailing. How he survived the wreck, Joseph didn't know. He pulled himself from what was left of his car and stood, shakily, surveying the terrible scene.

Joseph tried to help, but people screamed and ran from him. Confused, he didn't begin to understand until he caught a glimpse of his face in a side view mirror. What he saw there made his blood run cold. What he saw changed everything.

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