Monday, August 06, 2007


My husband has a nephew, Kenny, whom I just love more than I can say. He has been a friend to me, a son, a brother. I love him way bigger than I imagine most people love a nephew-by-marriage. Kenny has turned his life around and become a real man of honor and integrity. Did I already say I love him?

This past year I realized that I needed to help Kenny find a wife. I am not normally a meddling sort of person nor have I had any experience in match-making. All I can say to excuse myself is I felt this undeniable need, or pull, to find someone for Kenny to love. I felt like it had to be ME too, not because I was better than anyone else, but more like if it wasn't me Kenny wouldn't find his girl. I can't explain it. It was like a calling from God. And if it comes from God, I'm NOT going to ignore it.

So I began asking girls in my ward out on Kenny's behalf. "Hi, would you like you to go out with my nephew?" One girl said yes, another girl, not from my ward said yes, but neither worked out beyond a date or two. And Kenny is no slouch either. It's not like I had to say "He has a really sweet personality". :) Kenny is a good lookin' guy. Just neither of those girls were the right girl.

One Sunday as the year was drawing to a close, I was pondering this dilemma. I thought I had asked all the girls out there were to be asked in our ward. Or all the girls in Kenny's age range were already spoken for. What to do? Should I give up and let Kenny do his own thing? No, a little voice inside me told me distinctly NOT to give up.

Then, low and behold, a sweet voice spoke in answer to the Relief Society teacher's question and my spirit lept within me. I turned around and asked her "Would you like to go out with my nephew sometime?" I was only vaguely aware of who this girl was, but I knew that I had to ask her. I knew, somehow, that Kenny was just the sort of guy she was looking for - and she, him.

Bless her heart, she said "Sure!"

Unfortunately it was over the Christmas holidays and it proved to be very difficult to arrange a time when we could double date together, and they hadn't actually met yet, even casually, so I hesitated to stick them together without some company. I began to think it would never happen.

On December 27th, 2007 my hubby and I celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary. We have been through a lot together and can honestly say that we love each other more today than yesterday. But we wanted Kenny to know the beauty of such love too.

Kenny, being the amazing guy that he is, stayed in our house and took care of our boys while we were away on a little snowmobiling vacation. And he was still at our place when we got back - the perfect opportunity to introduce him to the girl, Chelsea at church that Sunday!

We ran into Chelsea at the beginning of Sunday school and I introduced them. A little awkward at first (more on Kenny's part than Chelsea who handled it with her usual fun smile on her face), but it was done. Whew!

I think they went out on their first date January 2nd or 3rd. After their date they came to our house for some pool and stayed for a long time, which I thought was a good sign, but I couldn't tell if any sparks were flying or not.

Well, whether I saw them or not, they must've been flyin' because a few months later, Kenny and Chelsea became engaged!

Just this past week we all joyfully celebrated their wedding. August 1st, 2007 Chelsea and Kenny were married.

It was a beautiful ceremony, the best I've heard from a Sealer, I think. Everything about the day seemed to me to be perfect. It was lovely. I don't have a picture of their wedding day, but I did their engagements and bridals, so I can share those ...

This was the photo Kenny and Chelsea chose for their wedding invitations.
And below is the picture Chelsea chose for her biggest portrait display at the reception.
She was beautiful and radiant.

So YAY I did it! Kenny is married to the perfect girl for him and all is right with the world. :)

Of course, I fully expect them to name their first born child after me, but other than that, I am happy and content knowing that this man I love so much, is coming to know what it means to be a part of something bigger than himself ... true love shared between an husband and wife.
A Family.