Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Product Raves!

I am the most undomesticated Goddess you're ever going to meet. If it weren't for Flylady, my family would be living in squalor. Seriously. I have no housekeeping skills. So I love, love, LOVE it (think Dragon Tales "I LOOOOOVE it!") when I find something that 1) ACTUALLY makes my job easier and 2) ACTUALLY works like promised. Hallelujah!

Here's my top two current faves:

The Swiffer SweepVac.
It works awesome in my kitchen for every day pick-ups. Much faster and easier than a broom and pan, PLUS it gets even those small little dusty grits that collect on hardwood floors and brooms just can't get.
Also, you can run it with a wet cloth (or at least I do, lol) so it's a quick and easy clean too.
The vacuum surprisingly well and picks up tons of stuff including cheerios, rocks and candy wrappers. It does need emptying after every use because it has such a small reservoir, but hey, I'd be dumping a pan, right? No big.
LOVE this product.

I also love my Clorox Bleach Pen.
Works beyond awesome on stains on white things.
My boys love white polo shirts but come one, they're six year old boys, right?
They can't keep a white shirt clean for the life of them.
At a wedding a couple weeks ago one of them dripped a big ol' drip of chocolate right down the front of his white polo shirt and made a M-E-S-S. I wasn't sure if even the bleach pen, though wonder worker it was, could pull this one off. But I scrubbed on the bleach using the srubby end, threw it in the wash and voila, good as new!
Awesome product!

That's it for now. Tune in again soon for another installment of Product Raves. :)