Wednesday, August 22, 2007

That's Hot.

I'm laughing at myself because I'm walking around thinking "That's hot" a la Paris Hilton.

Why, you ask? Because I'm in St. George this week and oh yeah, it's hot. That's H-O-T hot. Hot like Hades. I heard a local describe it as turning your blow dryer on high and blowing it straight in your face. Or opening your hot oven and sticking your head in. It's that hot.

But why is it funny? Because at girls' camp my role in the little skit we did was to play a Paris Hilton type character and of course I said "That's hot". I either did such a bad job or such a good job that the girls went around saying "That's hot" to me for the rest of the camp and I got the "That's hot" award. *U*

So every time I come out of a store and get slammed with the blistering heat of this desert-turned-oasis I have to say "106 degrees? That's hot!". And then I laugh.

Where is my purse dog and limousine?