Thursday, August 16, 2007

Stay Tuned ...

On Monday, August 20th, I'm going to begin a writing contest of sorts. An interactive continuous story where you get to submit your chapters for your readers consideration.

I'll give you the 'teaser' for your story, what might be on the back flap if it were a book, you take it from there!

Entries will be posted each Monday and on Monday only your readers will vote on which chapter they liked best. Then entries will be accepted through the rest of the week for the next chapter of the story, based on the voting outcome.

There will be cheesy prizes for two categories: The writer with the most votes and the writer with the most entries.

So come on back Monday and be ready with pens in hand to get writing! This will be a great writing exercise for all of us and I think lots of fun to see which direction the story goes.

See you Monday, August 20th!