Monday, September 24, 2007

And Our Winner Is ...

Yes, I'm calling it a day with my little Interactive Story Contest. I had a massive blow out with my email on one computer that has now completely died. We had a funeral for it last night, very touching. Anyhoo, there has been only one writer who's really been holding all this together; I talked to her and she has gracefully allowed me to just bow out while I still have a teensy weensy portion of my dignity intact.

So without any more ado, I give you our winner:

Laura Fowler

Thank you Laura for all your great stories! She wins both the most voted for and the most submitted - so TWO $10.00 gift certificates to

Thank you to all who participated, both in submitting stories and in voting. Maybe I'll do this again sometime ... dunno!

Onward and Upward though!