Wednesday, September 12, 2007


(I have to preface this by saying that every time I say or hear the word tragedy I always immediately think "Traged-ed-y! When the feeling's gone and you can't go on it's Traged-ed-y" by the Bee Gee's. I mean, don't you?)

Anyway. Tragedy.

I'm sure you writer-types out there have all already been through something depressing like this, but this is my first time. I'm a tragedy virgin. At least THIS type of tragedy.

I lost a chapter in my current book.

And it was a GREAT chapter. Clever and fun, stuff happened in it. It wasn't just filler. It was my big 'reveal' chapter. This is where, if I wasn't concerned about your sensibilities I would swear my head off. I'm just ... ARGH.

My computer genius hubby tried and tried but there was no recovering my chapter. How did I lose it? I'm working on a laptop and every now and then I'll inadvertently somehow manage to undo things I've just written or cut them or I don't know what. Well, I was getting to work today and somehow my chapter five got moved out from behind chapter six and tacked on to the end of my story. I (bad bad me!) thought that it had been copied and placed there so I ... (I shudder to recall it) deleted it. It wasn't until AFTERWARDS that it dawned on me that I might have MOVED the chapter and there wasn't a copy of it hiding in its' proper place behind chapter six.

No, I did not realize it until after I had saved it.

No, I did not have a back up copy of the draft before todays work.

Yes, I feel like an utter and complete idiot.

I wrote nearly a thousand new words today, but it doesn't change the fact that I LOST nearly two thousand. Two thousand words!!!!!

I'm devastated. It's a real tragedy. Tell me, please, that I'm not alone in my sorrow? How do you get over the loss? Are you ever happy with the recreation work you do? I feel like nothing will ever be the same as that first, real love. Oh, I mean, story. We're talking about stories here. If you have any advice, oh sage ones, lay it on me. I'm dying for some pick-me-ups.