Saturday, September 22, 2007

BIAM Challenge

Eek! I just realized I am about 10, 000 words behind my goal! Yikes!

It is true I haven't been writing this week. I am really sad to admit this because during that first week I felt like my world had changed and I WAS A WRITER. This week, though, I've allowed obligations and appointments to interfere and I totally DON'T feel like a writer.

In my defense though, let's examine what's gone down this week:

My sweet husband had a root canal that went bad. A piece of the file tip broke off and is no lodged in his root canal. Ouch! So he's had a few extra visits to an endodontist, and many phone calls to be made by me to arrange his appointments and such, not to mention chauffer services.

I found out I am insulin resistant, hence my inability to lose weight these past seven weeks that I've been on Weight Watchers. I am relieved to know there is a real reason why I wasn't losing weight, but sad to learn that now I have to totally change my relationship with food, not just 'diet'. Today I took the first step on the path to a new and healthier ME. Wish me luck!

Also, we had a big Mutual - you know the one with the plane crash where everyone dies and then they go to the different kingdoms to learn what awaits them there? It was powerful and moving. Wow.

OK, now that I'm writing this I can see that none of these things precluded my ability to write. I guess I have no idea why I didn't do a good job writing this week.

So see ya! I've got to go write now!