Sunday, September 09, 2007

Chapter Three ~ The Author

“Interactive Story Chapter Two Ended”, a computerized voice announced. Joseph wiped away long dried tears and tried to rouse himself.

A pretty attendant wearing a name badge that read Kimberly smiled kindly at him, “You picked an intense story to experience. Most people want something more upbeat.”

“Don’t suppose you have any Stephen King” Joseph joked in response. He didn’t intend to flirt initially but he enjoyed Kimberly’s smile. Not wanting the conversation to die just yet Joseph flashed his badge, “Actually my interest in the story is more than just casual. I’m a detective with the Historic Crimes Division. We solve unsolved cases from even as far back as this.”

“As far back as 2015? Wow. What does this book have to do with your case,” Kimberly asked with apparent interest.

“The author of this book disappeared after writing it. Some say the details of her disappearance mimic the story of the husband in this book. Except of course the happily ever after part. There has to be clues in here,” Joseph said gesturing at the tiny computer that fed the interactive experience directly into his brain.

“I just hate to watch a cute guy cry. Seemed like you were really suffering.”
“Yeah, well that’s what happens when you lose the love of your life.”

“Aw” Kimberly replied her eyes sparkling. “Have to be careful with romances and crime novels. Nothing but trouble. Yesterday my beau broke my heart… ‘Pride and Prejudice’ of course… I’m a romantic if you couldn’t tell.”

“Well in that case I feel compelled to let you cry on my shoulder over a cup of coffee and maybe you can tell me more about Ali Cross the author.”
“I’d love to!” Kimberly flashed a smile and her eyes grew brighter.

*Please note, that even though my name appears in this story, I didn't write it! Just the author having a bit of fun, I think ;)