Friday, September 21, 2007

Readers Anonymous

Hello, my name is Ali, and I am addicted to reading. Unlike regular anonymous help groups, abstaining is strictly out of the question. Perish the thought. I don't even think it would be good for me to abstain. No, in this case the key is MODERATION. Problem is, when you're an interminably slow reader like I am it takes TIME to read. *sigh* When I get a good book that's hard for me to put down, it's all I can do ... it's like an obsession. By the wayside falls trivial things like housework, cooking, personal hygiene. It's just all about the BOOK.

So it's ironic that Candace should tag me with this little book meme ... though I'm embarassed to go after her since her answers were much more admirable than mine. Oh well. Here goes!

1. My Reading ∙ I will read pretty much anything. My fave is fantasy, but I don't have a favorite author; everyone has their good and bad books. I also enjoy the occasional romance, my favorites being Nora Roberts (though sometimes I have to skip steamy scenes), and Candace Salima. I also read LDS inspirational books some, love mysteries, though I think good ones are hard to find. Like I said, I'll try anything out for size.

2. Total Number of Books Owned ∙ Seriously? Am I supposed to give a number? Well, I have no idea. I read non-stop, but I don't keep all the books I read. Unless it's a book I intend to read again - like an inspirational book - I don't keep it. There are only four novels I have ever - EVER - read more than once, so I have them. Otherwise, I read 'em and pass 'em on.

3. Last Book Bought ∙ Stephanie Meyer's Eclipse. I am really enjoying it, hence why I need to join Readers Anonymous.

4. Last Book Read ∙ Stephanie Meyer's New Moon. I could barely eat or dress myself while reading this massive book. It was much better than Twilight, the first in the series. Loved it.

5. Five Meaningful Books ∙ (I only did four ... sorry!)

The Book of Mormon
~ This book changed my life, literally. I have not been the same person since I read it. I read it more than seven times within a year from receiving it. I cried, I was inspired, my life was changed.

The Fionavar Tapestry by Guy Gavriel Kay ~ I love this trilogy more than any other novel(s) I have ever read. It moved me in every way possible. When I was first finished reading, my tears blurring the words on the page, I just sat in stunned silence. Even when re-reading it, I am touched the same way. It was these books that made me want to be a writer, to truly decide THIS is what I wanted to do ... I wanted to touch people, move them, the way Kay does through these three books. It is a truly remarkable fantasy series you would do well to read. They are wonderful, astounding.

In A Dark Wood Wandering by Helga Haas ~ Lyrical and epic, this is a sometime disturbing but profoundly moving tale set in 15th century France of an exiled member of Charles VI's court. The poetry in this book is amazing and original to the real Charles d'Orleans who this book is based on. This is an historical novel, written originally in Dutch; the research was painstaking and thorough ... but more than all that is the beauty of the words. The whole book reads like poetry.

Be of Good Cheer by Marvin J. Ashton ~ This book has been a comfort and a guide to me, teaching me to how to find joy in every day living but particularly through the atonement. I couldn't provide a link for you because Deseret Book doesn't have a listing for it and Amazon's was even more minimal than my brief comments.

The Other Wise Man by Harry Van Dyke ~ I love this story. I find it so moving and uplifting. I want to be like this man ... never wavering on my course to find the Savior by always abounding in good works and stopping to help others along the way. My husband and I used to sit, on Christmas Eve, chilled apple cider in hand, fire glowing, tree lights twinkling, and read through the entire book. It was our gift to each other, to help us remember our Savior and how we can best grow closer to Him. We don't do that anymore; the book is a little too long for our little boys, but we probably could/ought to read a little each day leading up to Christmas. It's worth reading every year ... it's lovely.

Umm, that's all I can think of at this moment. I'm a hard nut to crack and so it takes a lot to get added to my 'favorites of all time' list.

I went to see a movie tonight that was exciting and adventure-packed, and you know what I was thinking? I can't wait to get home and read my book!

*sigh* Maybe I need to take a speed reading course because maybe then I could read my books AND live my life. Unless it just gave me license to go back and read it again!

As for you I might tag ... I have to admit I haven't been reading my friends' blogs the way I ought to lately, so I'm sure to embarass myself here by tagging someone who has already been tagged by someone else. So I'm going to take the game outside of my writing-friends circle and include my other blogging friends. Here goes: April (who reads like a crazy person - she might even read as many books as Tristi!), Anne, and Susan.