Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Me and My Friend, Hysterectomy

Actually, it's more like a monkey on back. And I probably shouldn't be writing about it now, while I'm in SO much pain.

I had a hysterectomy five weeks ago after twenty years of pain and misery. I'd had endometriosis for years, couldn't have children and just in general lived with chronic pain for all that long time. For the last ten years I was told by four different gynecologists that I needed to have a hysterectomy. But I wanted another child, believed I would have another child - another miracle (I know, greedy, eh?) - so I always said no. Hence why I saw four different doctors during that time; I couldn't stand everyone telling me I needed to have surgery.

Anyway, early in this year the pain just grew intolerable and I'd finally realized I'd had enough. So much of my life was in slow motion because of the constant pain. So I went ahead and scheduled my hysterectomy, which I had on May 31st.

I am a trooper. I can handle a lot of pain. So I fully expected that I'd handle the surgery just fine. Well, I DID handle the surgery fine, but the recovery has been a real, well, P-A-I-N. And to add insult to injury, it turns out I'm a SLOW healer.

I expected two weeks of next to no activity, four more weeks of 'quiet' activity with some restrictions, and then TA DA life as usual. HA!!! Umm, that's not quite the way it goes.

Turns out my two weeks stretched into four weeks so I'm two weeks behind in my 'schedule'. I can hardly do anything ... still ... and it's getting SO old.

Today I had to take my boys to the dentist and go to the pet store to pick up some supplies for our little pooch. Just the drive alone causes such pain. By the time I got to the check out counter I could hardly string two words together coherently because I was so exhausted and hurting.

When will this ever end? (of course it will end ... but humor me here) When can I do things without having to think, oh wait, CAN I do that thing? It's like having a rotten friend who tags along with you wherever you go. Your friends say "Hey let's go ride bikes!" and you cheerily reply "Sure! Let's go!" but then you remember you have this out-of-shape friend who can't ride bikes and you've promised to stick together no matter what. Bummer for you, you can't go on the fun bike ride. You have to sit at home with only your lap top to keep you company and soap operas to entertain you. *sigh*

I am so ready to kick my unwanted friend in the butt. I'll throw a butt-kicking party when I do! Thanks for joining my pity party today. Time to go eat chocolate or something.