Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Readers Beware!

By now, my first book (well, second technically, but the first one is not fit for human consumption - maybe I should read it to my dog?), has found it's way into several of Inboxes, waiting to be read.

I am terrified.

I *thought* my book was done, felt good about it. It placed second in a first chapter contest. It played well in a little blog competition put on by a publisher.

But, here's the thing. Wait, you have to come a little closer, because I'm too chicken to say this out loud. Even closer. You've got to be able to feel my breath in your ear. Close now? That's good ... here it is ... shhh, you have to listen closely ... "I don't think my book is very good. I DID think it was good, but now that I know you're reading it, I think it stinks!!! Don't tell anyone!"


And now the waiting game. Ugh. Blech. Blah. It's hard to write new stuff knowing my book is out there, people are reading it, and maybe (ahhh!!!) they're hating it.

I think I'm gonna go run and hide now.