Wednesday, July 02, 2008

40 Somethings About Me #2

This story comes from my sister, Heather. She says, when I was a very little girl, I would sit in our backyard having parties and such, like any normal little girl. Except, I wasn't surrounded by teddies and dolls--I was accompanied by my Invisible Friend.

Here is a picture of Him:

He was my first and best friend.

My sister discovered my Special Friend one day when she came out to talk to me. I was about three years old. When she spoke, I shushed her, saying, "Shhh, I'm talking to Jesus!"

It's interesting to note that as Heather recalls, we didn't go to church much at that time, nor did we have what anyone might consider a religious home.

It just goes to show that He never leaves us comfortless--even the smallest of us benefits from His love and care.