Tuesday, July 01, 2008

A Closer Look Tag

Stephanie tagged me for this fun little game. It's kinda goofy, but the what the hay. Here goes!

1. My Kitchen Sink
Notice the little (old and faded) FLY wall clingie? Anyone recognize it?
Also, notice that sad looking little aloe plant beside the sink? I've had that little plant for about three years and I swear it has not grown at all. It's healthy-ish - I mean, it's a nice green color, the umm, stems or whatever they are have aloe in them, but it hasn't grown any larger at all in three years. Anyone know what I can do for it? I've tried to research it, but haven't found any magic I wasn't already doing. I'm stumped. But I wanna help the little guy.

2. Inside My FridgeUmm, there's like no food in my fridge. What's up with that? It's like, filled up with stuff to drink. No wonder I couldn't find anything to eat when I stood staring into it a few minutes ago. Time to go shopping! One of my very least favorite things to do. Blech.

3. & 8. My Favorite Shoes AND My Most Recent Purchase
I love, love, LOVE Converse sneakers. I haven't had a pair in umpteen years, but I finally got a pair today! YAY!

4. My ClosetThere ya go. *U* Not much to say, I guess.

5. Oops. This was supposed to be The Laundry Pile, and I just took a picture of my Laundry Room.
There wouldn't be much to see with my laundry pile, either. I have three of those mesh bag thingies that hang on pvc pipes - know the kind I mean. A white, a dark and a colored one. They're about half full ... I'll do laundry tomorrow. I do a good job at staying on top of my laundry.

6. What My Kids Are Doing Right Now

Well, right now they are sleeping (or, at least supposedly.) But at the time I took the pictures they were outside.

CJ on the left (the tall guy with his eyes closed) with his best friend Parker, getting Ceej's new bike ready for its inaugural ride.

Xan on the right toolin' around the cul de sac with a rescued piece of junk he was doin' somethin' with.

7. My Favorite Room

Shoot it's kinda dark. Sorry. This is my office. It faces the front of the house, so I can see the guys out front playing - shooting hoops, mainly. On the wall is a cellophane wall hanging of a Disney castle. David had it as a decoration for my birthday last year (because the theme was on dreams coming true - he always has a theme for my birthday). I liked it so much, I had him hang it on my wall. Kinda tacky, but I like it. :) One day I'll go all fancy like Shanna did. Till then, I'm going low-class. ;)

8. My Recent Purchase ... see above (#3)!

9. My Fantasy Vacation

Maybe not my all-time favorite fantasy vacation, but the trip I most want to take right now in my life. I'd like to take a road trip - with my guys, of course - and drive through important historic Church sites and end up in Nova Scotia where I could visit with my sister and her family. I'd give almost anything to have that vacation this summer. We'd planned it, but then David lost his job so ... Bummer, eh?

10. Self PortraitOne can't take oneself too seriously. Can one?

And there you have it!

And now I'm going to pass on the glorious funness to Shanna, Danyelle and April! Have at it girls--and have fun!