Monday, July 14, 2008

A Closer Look Tag and FlyLady

When I did the Closer Look Tag, Stephanie commented:

"I'd say you have a very spotless home. Looks pretty good for a "tag" and I couldn't help but notice the "flylady" by your sink. So, have you always been so orderly or have you become more so having followed "flylady?" I used to try that but I got so many emails I quit."

So, I thought I'd answer her questions. Absolutely, undeniably I have not always been so orderly. I have always been, and still really am, a pretty terrible housekeeper. My house is relatively 'tidy' but I could not say that it is clean. changed my life. I know that sounds awfully dramatic, but it's true. I found her when my babies were about 5 months old and I was drowning in mess. Her simple approach, her baby steps, toward cleanliness helped me to establish basic routines that allowed me get and keep my head above water.

From there I started to declutter and to organize rooms in my house one room at a time, fifteen minutes at a time, just like Flylady says. I've slipped off the bandwagon a time or two. And I've stayed off the wagon for months at a time. But I always end up going back to her.

Nowadays I don't do it all, just as she suggests. I take what I need and can use and leave the rest. I don't get the emails anymore, but now and then I'll start them back up if I'm having an especially difficult time getting back into the groove. It's true that it's a boat load of messages! But, for me, they helped, so it was a small price to pay.

I regularly repeat FlyLady's mantra "Even housework done incorrectly blesses the family." I choose to believe this wholeheartedly because otherwise I'd be doomed! Thankfully my family loves me anyway, even if my floors are not always spotless or there's still dust on the walls. But my sink is always shiney and my laundry is almost always done or at least not behind - hence why I looked good in the tag.

I love FlyLady!