Tuesday, July 08, 2008

40 Somethings About Me, #'s 8 & 9

For those of you who are just chiming in, the purpose of the 40 Somethings is to take a little peak into my whole forty years on this earth as this month I AM CELEBRATING MY 40TH BIRTHDAY!!!

And, in case you missed it, I'm also having a contest to celebrate. Click here to find out how you can win a copy of my favorite book!

So, let's see. I'm feeling the need to lighten things up a bit, so, what can I say?

The very first popular music I remember loving was "Pop Musik" by M.

I actually bought the 45 and would turn the record player up very loud and bounce up and down, over and over again. The first real album I bought was Breakfast in America by Supertramp. Now that was good stuff!

What was your first album?

Ooh, ooh! This is backing up a bit, but you'll get a kick out of this memory:

Around ten years old I had a crush on a boy (I was always boy crazy, I don't remember it starting or ending!) The thing about boys and girls at that age is, they show their affection for one another through mutual violence. You know, I would run up and kick a boy in the shins and that meant that I thought he was swell and he would respond by punching me in the shoulder. It was LOVE!

Well, one boy must've really loved me--and oh, how I loved him--because one school day during recess he found a frog. He dared me to put it in my mouth. Well, I sure did like him, but really? A frog in my mouth?

He grabbed me and held me down and with the help of his friends he got that frog into my mouth. Wanna know the worst part?

I struggled so much and they held my mouth closed and frog jumped around in there so much that ... that ... I swallowed it.


Gives me the shivers just thinking about it.

The bell rang and all the kids ran back to class. I was left in the mud, crying my eyes out, having just swallowed, blahhhh, a frog.

After a while a teacher came out to get me.

I never did like that boy too much after that.