Sunday, July 20, 2008

40 Somethings!

Well, today's the big day! I am, officially, forty years old.

Today has been really quiet and not much happened, but not because my family doesn't love me and want to spoil me ... but being a Sunday and having not been paid in over a month, well, doesn't amount for a very exciting day. BUT at least now I know my birthday will be spread out and will last even longer! Cool!

So, I thought I would do birthdays for my somethings today. I have two favorite birthdays from my childhood:

One summer my mom rented a camp spot in Grand Bend, Ontario. It had a beach and a small hip town on a lake so large you couldn't see the other side of it. It was like being at the ocean--it was awesome.

For my birthday we loaded up the car and headed to Grand Bend. We would turn the volume up loud in the car, as we listened to a 50's cassette on the 8-Track. (Oh yeah, I'm that old.) We bopped with our arms flailing out the windows singing our hearts out to to "Rockin' Robin." Good times.

I barely remember the birthday, only that it was awesome. I felt loved and happy. Good times, for sure.

My most favorite childhood birthday was my sixteenth. Heather was in town (she lived in Nova Scotia by this time, so it was a treat to have her home.) She and Mom put on a scavenger hunt through our backyard. I'd never had anything like that before and it was so much fun. Mom gave me a boom box (for you young un's that's a huge portable CD player, except in those days it also sported a dual cassette so you could record one cassette to another. Very high tech.)

Laurie was with us and she was just awesome What a great friend she was. We had cake together and then my mom, bless her, put on "Sixteen Candles" (the song, not the movie.) She took me by the hand and danced with me.

She hugged me close and said, "I love you, Baby."

It was the sweetest moment of my childhood.

Thank you all for the awesome birthday wishes! I love you all for brightening my day!