Wednesday, December 19, 2007

100 Things About Me ... First 50

... because seven things were just not enough and I know you're dying to know more about me and because I only just learned that it's a blogging tradition to post 100 Things About You when you hit 100 posts AND because I hit 100 posts a couple weeks ago ... (catching my breath!) ... here are 100 things about me (except this is way harder than it looks, so here's the first fifty things)!

1. I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
2. I joined the Church when I was 21, after years of searching for the right church for me.
3. I have only ever joined one other religion in my life and that was the Ba'Hai faith ... it only lasted for a year maybe. I've been a Mormon for going on eighteen years!
4. I want to be like my friend Wendy when I grow up. She is smart and wonderful, funny and kind - just an amazing, beautiful person.
5. I love Christmastime best of all.
6. I have to admit, I love to get presents!
7. I still wake up super early anxious to go see what Santa brought!
8. My parents were divorced - Dad left when I was four.
9. I fell and dislocated my jaw when I was days away from my first birthday. My jaw was never reset and dislocated to this day!
10. When I was at University studying vocal performance, my doctor told me I needed to stop singing or I wouldn't even speak within five years. Ha! proved him wrong!
11. I am a photographer.
12. I have my own photography business - A Work of Heart Photography
13. I am the baby of 5.
14. I look like my Dad's sister June - the spitting image, just about.
15. Both my parents have passed away - my Mom was I was 19 and my Dad when I was 23.
16. I have had eight miscarriages.
17. I have one adopted son and twin boys.
18. I can crochet. I used to only make beautiful baby outfits (I'll post a pic some time) but now am doing blankets more because the recipient can get more use out of them.
19. I was a cheerleader in High School.
20. I was on the swim team and the track team in High School too.
21. In High School I played in the baritone sax in the Dixie Land Band, alto sax in the Jazz Band and alto sax AND bassoon in the School Band.
22. I was voted the prettiest girl in school was I was in grade eight.
23. In grade eight a boy commented that my white jordache jeans were so tight he could see the date of the quarter in my back pocket.
24. When I was a girl I wanted to be a veterinarian when I grew up. That was my plan all the way till my mom got sick and then my plans just fizzled.
25. I went to three universities ... Guelph University in Guelph, Ontario, Canada, the University of Western Ontario, in London, Ontario, and Acadia University in Wolfville, Nova Scotia.
26. I graduated with a Bachelors of Arts in Political Science from Acadia University in 1992.
27. I was co-chair of my University's Student Council in my last year.
28. I used to want to be a constitutional lawyer. I still occasionally entertain that thought.
29. I have sung in front of audiences of thousands to grand applause.
30. My favorite role to sing was Baby Doe in The Ballad of Baby Doe by Douglas Moore.
31. I am a coloratura soprano.
32. I hardly ever sing anymore.
33. My husband and I had a long distance relationship all the way through our courtship until 9 days before our marriage in the Logan Temple.
34. David gave me a gorgeous rock of a diamond (and the accompanying ring, lol) for our fifteenth wedding anniversary last December. Remind me to show it off to you next time I see you!
35. I am the secretary in our ward's Young Women organization.
36. I oftentimes say little 'private joke' type things in public that people don't get so ... they don't get me. Like "Danku" from Leelu in Fifth Element or "autowashhhhhhhh" or "multi-pass" ... again all Fifth Element.
37. Oh yeah. Fifth Element is my fave movie.
38. I am of Scottish and Irish decent.
39. I grew up Scottish Country Dancing.
40. I love all things Celtic.
41. I hope I get this lovely Celtic love knot necklace from Tiffany's for my anniversary this year. I have a cheap version of it, but, ya know ... I'd like the purty one.
42. I love to talk in silly voices to my boys and see them crack up. They simultaneously can't stand it and beg me to stop while they roll on the floor laughing ... so how can I stop, really?
43. I think my boys are the greatest thing since sliced bread. And I love bread.
44. My favorite food is a super yummy filet mignon.
45. I love the Texas Roadhouse because I can get said yummy filet with a baked sweet potato. Yum!
46. I've noticed this exercise is like a stream of consciencness thing ... I wonder what a psychologist would make of my thought process?
47. I always say I'm going to bed but have to make one last stop at my computer to 'shut it down' and then end up spending at least another half hour just doing one last check of everything ... including reading blogs and, well, posting!
48. I have fibromyalgia. It's been in remission for the past three years but guess what? It's recently decided to move back in with me. Darn guest. Didn't it know it did NOT have an open invitation to come back again?
49. I'm a little afraid of growing old. I don't mind growing older I just don't want to be O-L-D.
50. I can't wait to see National Treasure 2 this weekend with my men - we always have a great time at the movies together.
51. Bonus! I think it's time to watch Fifth Element again too!