Monday, December 10, 2007

Best Husband in the World

Yes, I do believe I have the best husband in the world ... at least, the very best husband for me! I think it would be very hard to be married to me, but David does it with so much grace and class he makes me think maybe it's not that hard after all! Certainly he tells me it's not hard.

Candace is having a contest to see who has the best husband in the world and I entered David. I'm afraid I didn't write it very well ... I found I was so full of emotion and my feelings were just so ... big ... that it was hard to express them. But for me, David really is the best husband and I love him with all my heart; it would be a sweet gift to give him this award.

I hope you'll visit Candace's blog and vote for David if you feel you can. We would sure appreciate it!