Thursday, December 13, 2007

Online Gaming

I've been meaning to post this for a while and since it's been a few days since I last wrote and I promised you NEW MATERIAL regularly, I'm going to cheat a little and tell you about this:

My boys like to go online to play computer games. Many of the neighbor kids do it, so I didn't think much of it. David is the internet police around here. I know, I should do my part, but he's so much more knowledgeable than me that I tend to slack a bit and let him carry the burden. Anyway, since my boys get these online game sites from other friends who live in good homes with strong moral values I thought the sites must be safe.

Ahhh ... Nope.

On one you get the relatively harmless but terribly annoying pop-ups. Worse, if the kids click on those pop-ups (which they very well may do since they have smilies and look fun and appealing) you can invite spyware or viruses onto your system.

But the one that really got me is this benign site that while the games are being played there is live chat going on at the bottom. Apparently this online chatting is a haven for the rude and crude because most of the chat going on is sexual and obscene in nature.

Needless to say, these things are NOT appropriate for my boys, even if the games seem okay. Oh and that reminds me, not all the games on these sites ARE okay. There's this one series of games that has cute little puppies (or kitties or monkeys) doing tricks to, say, catch a frisbee. But if Fido misses the disc, his head gets cut off and blood goes flying! Umm ... again, no thank you.

Anyway, my hubby, great dad that he is, has gone through these online game sites and collected the games that are good and put them all on his own site. You can send your child there, if you're inclined to let them play computer games, and trust that what he or she finds there will meet with your approval. There are a couple games that have the word 'damn' in them and David is working to get those out also, but just so you know, it's sometimes there.

If you're interested, the site is totally free, it's just meant as a help to you ... Go to ...