Wednesday, December 05, 2007

A Wonderful Surprise!

Yesterday David and I played hookie a bit and took a trip to Costco. Going to Costco is much more exciting than going to a regular grocery store or department store. At Costco, it's like playing at one of those claw games at an arcade ... you never know if you're going to find anything good at all, but then again, you just might hit the jackpot!

Yesterday we definitely hit the jackpot! *U*

Soon after entering the store we saw they were having a large Greg Olsen paintings sale. There were a couple men chatting behind the desk near the display; we blithely walked past them intent on the display. There was a big marketing poster on the wall with Greg Olsen's picture on it. I look at the picture and don't think much of it, but David right away says, "hey, that's him!" I took a couple steps backwards and sure enough, the man now standing alone behind the counter is Greg Olsen!

I was very pleased to meet him, and even more pleased to discover he was very kind, gracious, and well, human. I liked him :)

And then my sweet hubby sees the painting that I love so much, my very favorite of Brother Olsen's:


They don't have the painting hanging, but further inquiry leads to discovery and soon I am standing with a large print on the table between me and Brother Olsen and he is signing it! He signed the front and then on the back wrote "To the Cross Family, Christmas 2007, Greg Olsen".

Happy Anniversary to me, my hubby said! (Our anniversary is not until December 27th but ...0


And thank you Brother Olsen for your kindness and class and especially, thank you for your work.