Saturday, December 08, 2007

The Christmas Spirit is Alive & Well!

This is my report from a wonderful morning that left me feeling all warm and fuzzy inside:

  • By the time we were up and out the door this morning our neighbors had already plowed the snow from our drive and walkway! Merry Christmas!
  • We stood in a humungeous line to see Glenn Beck this morning and to have him sign his new book An Inconvenient Book. Though the store was jam-packed from stem to stern, though the lines were unbearably long (we were number 583 and there were many more behind us), though it was suffocatingly hot ... people were kind, helpful, honest and happy. "Merry Christmases" were heard all throughout the store. Glenn himself was smiling, happy and friendly - even shook each of my boys' hands and wished them a Merry Christmas. It was fun!
  • We had heard that there would be real live reindeer at The Quilted Bear today and since our boys were so good at the book signing, we wanted to do something fun for them. But it hadn't quite started yet, so we grabbed lunch at The Lighthouse restaurant right near by. Inside the people were friendly and chatty and best of all ... someone won two Christmas-themed stuff animals from the claw game and gave them to Charlie & Xander. Merry Christmas again!
  • We met super neat people while waiting for the reindeer (and Santa! We had no idea we'd get to see Santa today too!) who even offered to take pictures of the boys with Santa. Since we had not come prepared this kind family took our information and promised to send pictures. How nice! (BTW, I've never been to The Quilted Bear before - it's amazing! I think I have to go shopping now!) Again, though the wait to see Santa was long (he was running late) people were happy and friendly. Santa was wonderful - the real Santa - and though the boys were kind of nervous to meet him, they were happy they went through with it. Merry Christmas Santa!
It has been a lovely morning and now I'm home ready to tidy up my house, get some blogging for LDS blogs done and prepare for the Sabbath. I feel warm from the inside out and desire to spread some Christmas cheer of my own. Merry Christmas Everyone!